Mediations and Appraisals


Mediation has proven to be perhaps the most advantageous dispute resolution method for the insurance carrier. Providing the insurance carrier an opportunity to negotiate openly without waiving any rights, defenses, or negotiating points. Our firm has handled hundreds of mediations which in most cases proved to be beneficial to all parties involved.  Our experienced staff of mediators stand ready to assist you on all of your property and casualty mediations.


The appraisal process is rapidly becoming the most used form of dispute resolution. Experience with this process is paramount in order to control as much as possible the end result. Our experienced appraisers offer a variety of backgrounds including engineering and construction as well as familiarity with those individuals holding themselves out as potential umpires.

Properly preparing the file for the appraisal panel and the selection of the umpire should only be done by experienced appraisers. CAG has served as appraisers for various insurance carriers on hundreds of appraisals and stands ready to assist you as well.