CAG’s FNOL Division

views itself as an integral part of the entire claims process. Utilizing your company’s protocol, we dispatch emergency service vendors as well as cause and origin investigators to immediately begin the claims process. Experience has proven that by proactively managing the first notice of loss the overall cost of the claim can be reduced while providing valuable service to the policyholder.

Insured calls the insurance company to report a new loss.

Calls are redirected to the CAG Call center. IVR states that the calls are being recorded for quality assurance. All calls are recorded. English and Spanish agents are available.

CAG Agent takes all relevant information according to your specific guidelines.

A Conference Call is initiated. If emergency services are needed we can connect the insured directly with your approved vendors or dispatch the vendors after the call is complete.

FNOL Forms are completed and communicated to you. All data is entered into your claims management system.

Email will have a PDF attachment of the FNOL form and a property ACORD form if requested. Even though the claim is entered directly into your claims management system we can email or text your staff with the new loss information as well.